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Whether it’s lack of budget, time, support, approval or any other “excuse”, there are multiple reasons why the improvement process required for international accreditation can stumble.  One of the most successful tools that QED uses to manage these stumbling blocks is a detailed GAP Analysis, undertaken EARLY in the accreditation process.

Undertaking a detailed Gap Analysis is one of the best investments a school can make EARLY in the accreditation process.    We say “early”, because preparation is key.  Ideally, the analysis is undertaken BEFORE seeking eligibility, but can also be undertaken afterwards.

So, what is a “detailed GAP analysis”?

A detailed gap analysis is an indepth look at how your school measures up to each of the relevant accreditation standards (whether AACSB, AMBA, EPAS or EQUIS).  The output should include a standard-by-standard summary, along with recommendations and observations.  Critically, the analysis deals with the specific nuances of the relevant accreditation(s).


How exactly does the GAP analysis help a school to avoid the typical stumbling blocks?

A GAP Analysis can help a school to:

  • Identify potential weaknesses and misalignment with accreditation standards (“alignment gaps”)
  • Build a strategy to close these alignment gaps
  • Set an optimal accreditation timeline, to ensure completion of accreditation goals whilst minimising the risk of  difficulty with accreditation time-limits  (Remember, for some accreditations, the “clock” starts to tick as soon as eligibility is approved: this creates a time-sensitive implementation period).
  • Save money, by ensuring that resources are prioritised to optimise alignment with a) the school’s strategy and b) accreditation standards.  (Without a detailed insight, it is inevitable that some resources will be mis-allocated).
  • Save time, by helping to unearth potential stakeholder issues and setting a strategy to deal with these at an early stage.

If you’re serious about completing a business school accreditation process and helping your school to improve significantly, you cannot afford to ignore this vital preparatory step.


Why use QED to undertake a Gap Analysis?

QED has completed multiple Gap Analysis assignments, for schools internationally,  across each of the top accreditations.  The team has twenty years of experience in helping schools with this critical task.  As “externals” (i.e. not involved with the day-to-day operations of your school or university), we provide an expert, independent view of your school’s activities in the context of the relevant accreditation(s).

Very simply, we make accreditation easier and we are the most experienced team you can get!

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"Quality Education Development (QED) partnered University College Dublin Schools of Business for over 10 years; assisting us with international accreditation reviews and compliance issues, internal and external assessments, and various review and report processes. Joanne and her team at QED have provided an excellent service to the School, both in terms of efficiency and quality and they have played a major role in UCD’s accreditation success including securing the Triple Crown of accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA) and similar activities such as major School reports and reviews. Since my appointment as Dean to the School I have been very pleased to be able to call on QED’s services and would be happy to recommend them."

Prof Tom Begley (Dean)Formerly UCD, Ireland and now at Lally School of Management and Technology: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Joanne [QED Accreditation Advisor] is an excellent consultant to prepare university-level institutions for external review processes. She is well experienced and highly professional. Joanne has a long-standing track record of delivering top quality results.

Ulrich HommelAssociate Director of Quality Services, EFMD

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