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February 2023

EQUIS: Updates to standards and guidance 2023

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EQUIS Standards and Guidance: Updates 2023

EFMD revises the documentation supporting EQUIS periodically.  QED’s overview of the updates made as part of the 2023 publication, together with an assessment of the significance of the change can be found in this downloadable PDF file.

  • There are no significant changes to the EQUIS Standards and Criteria, though clarification and guidance points have been added in several areas.  However, there are some process changes which should be noted by Schools:
    • The traditional Base Room has been replaced by an Online Document Repository (ODR)
    • In several discreet areas, additional documents are now specifically required in English, rather than a School’s native language (These were optional in previous years).
    • In some key areas, EFMD has confirmed that it is appropriate to cross-reference from the SAR to the Datasheet (where information may be duplicated).

    Other points of potential significance are:

    • In exceptional circumstances, the post-eligibility period may be extended from two years to four years.
    • References to the EFMD Guidelines and Position Papers have now been removed from the Standards. In addition, these documents have been removed from the section of the website dealing with EQUIS accreditation.
    • Key EQUIS fees have increased by 10% (Application Fee, Eligibility Fee, Review Fees.

As above, QED’s summary of the updates across the key documents is available in this downloadable PDF file.

For advice and further details on any of the above, please contact the QED Accreditation Team at

Free Webinar: An Introduction to International Business School Accreditation

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Are you looking for an introduction to international business school accreditation systems? If so, this webinar might be for you. Joanne Powell is guest speaker at KIMEP University‘s Bang College of Business webinar on Thursday, March 16th. Times are listed below and registration is required at

For advice and further details on any of the above, please contact the QED Accreditation Team at