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February 2022

EFMD Programme Accreditation: Updates 2022

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EFMD Programme Accreditation: Updates 2022

EFMD revises the documentation supporting EFMD Programme Accreditation periodically and updates are usually provided in the first third of each calendar year.  QED’s overview of the updates made as part of the 2022 publication, together with an assessment of the significance of the change can be found in this downloadable PDF file.

The 2022 updates are notable as they mark an extensive review, designed to provide “easier orientation” for viewers, as well as reflecting relevant developments and trends.  These trends are summarised within this document.

Overall, QED’s view is that the revised documents do not carry significant changes from an accreditation viewpoint.  They are easier to follow and reference, plus the increased emphasis perceived in previous updates is continued here – with specific identification of two key areas (digitalisation and research) as areas of focus. These two ‘areas of focus’ are in addition to the normal transversal themes of Internationalisation, ERS and Connections with Practice.

It should be noted that the updates and developments include several changes to the format and content of the EFMD Programme Accreditation Datasheet.

NB: This document represents QED’s interpretation of the EFMD Accredited Updates.  We recommend that you view the updated documents directly – which are available from EFMD’s website

As above, QED’s summary of the updates across the key documents is available in this downloadable PDF file.


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