Accredinator Updates – January 2022

By 10th February 2022Accredinator, Resource

The Accredinator – January 2022

Key updates for Accredinator in January 2022

Faculty Groups and Program Groups

H2 Software has added the option to limit the scope of your accreditation reports to specific faculty groups and program groups. This is based on feedback from Schools who had different sets of faculty and programs in scope for different accreditations.

The Data module allows you to easily include or exclude any faculty or program in groups. For example, Schools could choose to have a group called ‘AACSB Faculty’ and a group called ‘EQUIS Faculty’.  Schools can specify default groups in the Admin settings for each accreditation.

The groupings are optional. If a School doesn’t specify any groups, the reports will be based on all faculty and all programs in the system.


Accredinator now supports accreditation from the Association of African Business Schools (AABS). Featuring 28+ new tables, charts, and maps, the software covers all of the 10 AABS standards.

If you are not an African business school, we have switched off the AABS module on the home page and in the navigation bar. However, Schools can still have a look at all the reports, by selecting ‘Accreditations -> AABS’ on the navigation bar. Even if you don’t pursue AABS accreditation, you may still find the reports of interest.

Other Changes

In addition to the changes listed above, the following enhancements have been included:

  • Building on additional analytics within the central and research HUBS – facilitating general analytics reports for faculty and research (in addition to the reports designed specifically for accreditation bodies).
  • Several changes to improve the flow and user interface.

The Accredinator is a software application that helps business schools with accreditation requirements for AABS, AACSB, AMBA and EFMD.  You can learn more about The Accredinator (including booking a free demo) here.

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