AABS Accreditation and the Importance of Data Collection

By 5th June 2024Resource

AABS Accreditation and the Importance of Data Collection


Joanne Powell, the Head of Accreditation Services of QED Accreditation, co-authored a white paper highlighting the eight key principles for institutions to consider during the accreditation process, focusing particularly on data management. These principles include obtaining support from leadership, demystifying the accreditation process, conducting gap analyses, project planning, effective communication, allowing sufficient time, managing data, and preparing for the long haul. The white paper focuses on Principle 7—Data Management—elaborating on its crucial role in the accreditation process.

The whitepaper “AABS Accreditation and the Importance of Data Collection” provides a detailed roadmap for business schools to enhance their accreditation processes through effective data management. By adopting the principles and practices outlined in this document, institutions can not only meet AABS standards but also position themselves for long-term success in the competitive landscape of higher education.

The downloadable copy of the whitepaper can be found here.


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