AACSB Business Accreditation Standards: Updates 2021

By 1st July 2021Resource

AACSB Business Accreditation Standards: Updates 2021

AACSB significantly updated its Business Accreditation Standards in 2020.  Over the past year, it has continued to consult and receive feedback on the new standards – from pilot schools, members and volunteers. It has now published its first set of amendments/updates (1 July 2021).

QED’s overview of the updates made as part of the 2021 publication, together with an assessment of the significance of the change can be found in this downloadable PDF file.

Whilst the vast majority of changes reflect clarification only,  there are a small number which could potentially impact schools.  Regardless, QED recommends that all schools within an AACSB accreditation process (whether initial or renewal) should review and ensure they have understood the changes and clarifications.

NB: QED’s material represents QED’s interpretation of the AACSB Updates.  We always recommend that you view the updated standards directly – which are available from AACSB’s website in the following formats:

As above, QED’s summary of the updates across the key documents is available in this downloadable PDF file.

For advice and further details on any of the above, please contact the QED Accreditation Team at info@QEDaccreditation.com.