Accredinator Updates – November 2022

By 1st November 2022Accredinator, Resource

Accredinator – Latest Updates

Lastest updates for Accredinator from H2 Software (November 2022)


Fireworks are magical! So long as they are the colourful, noisy, celebratory kind. Some of my fondest childhood memories are attending the annual fireworks and watching the colours and spectacles in awe. Little has changed in that regard. I still retain that childhood thrill of fireworks displays.

However, in our world of security and risk concerns, ‘fireworks’ of the more metaphorical type are best avoided. From an IT perspective, this is done through an ever-advancing suite of security protocols and processes. The latest update to Accredinator is one such example of good practice – where Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) has been integrated into the application – ensuring additional protection for users during the log-in process.

MFA is now a standard feature of the application. If you’d like any further details (or a demo of the product), just contact us directly.

For further details on Accredinator and/or to book a free demo,  please contact QED directly by emailing

Accredinator is a software application that helps business schools with accreditation requirements for AABS, AACSB, AMBA and EFMD.  It also provides summary data for PRiME reporting.  You can learn more about  Accredinator (including booking a free demo) here.

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