Accredinator Updates – April 2023

Accredinator – Latest Updates

Lastest updates for Accredinator from H2 Software (April 2023)

The most recent update for Accredinator is now live.  In addition to normal system and maintenance updates, the key focus is the addition of an AACSB Assurance of (AoL) module.

The new AoL module is available in Accredinator PRO.  It provides the facility to create fully complete and compliant Table 5.1 for each degree programme within scope.  This includes the ability to capture

  • Overall competencies per degree programme;
  • The assessment measures (direct and/or indirect) with the related performance targets;
  • Results of measurement cycles;
  • Improvement Actions (flagged as Process or Curriculum) to drive better quality outcomes.

In addition to the product update, H2 Software has also added two additional support features for clients, to make contacting for support even easier.  These are an integrated help-desk support system (Zendesk) and a link for scheduling client support meetings.

For further details on these updates or other features of Accredinator and/or to book a free demo, please contact QED directly by emailing

Accredinator is a software application that helps business schools with accreditation requirements for AABS, AACSB, AMBA and EFMD.  It also provides summary data for PRiME reporting.  You can learn more about  Accredinator (including booking a free demo) here.

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